Medical & Health Policy

Medical & Health Policy

Annual Health and Medical Record

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The Scouting adventure, camping trips, high-adventure excursions, and having fun are important to everyone in Scouting—and so are your safety and well-being. Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record is the first step in making sure you have a great Scouting experience. 

All Scouting Events

All participants in all Scouting activities complete Part A and Part B. Give the completed forms to your unit leader. This applies to all activities, day camps, local tours, and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours. Update at least annually.

Going to Camp?

A pre-participation physical is needed for resident, tour, or trek camps or for a Scouting event of more than 72 hours, such as Wood Badge and NYLT. The exam needs to be completed by a certified and licensed physician (MD, DO), nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. If your camp has provided you with any supplemental risk information, or if your plans include attending one of the four national high-adventure bases, share the venue’s risk advisory with your medical provider when you are having your physical exam.

Planning a high adventure trip?

Each of the four national high-adventure bases has provided a supplemental risk advisory that explains in greater detail some of the risks inherent in that program. All high-adventure participants must read and share this information with their medical providers during their pre-participation physicals. Additional information regarding high-adventure activities may be obtained directly from the venue or your local council.

Medication Policy

The following guidance from the Boy Scouts of America on medication use in BSA-related activities has been developed for youth, parents or guardians, and adult leaders. Planning and preparation are key components. The BSA’s guiding principles for the safe use of medications include: 

Please see the full BSA Medication Policy for more details

301 Scouting Units Medication Policy

In order to abide by the BSA Medication Policy, Scouting301 will use the following guiding principles in handling medications on troop activities. The use of legally prescribed medications is acceptable within the guidelines of this policy.

All medications need to be accompanied by: Routine Drug Administration Record