The 301 Scouting Group Overview

Mission of the 301 Scouting Group

The 301Scouting Group offers scouting programs for the entire family. Our units provide scouting opportunities for boys and girls ages 5-17. All of our programs are built upon the Scout Oath and Law preparing our scouts to be tomorrow's community and business leaders. Our #1 priority is the delivery of a safe scouting program for all scouts, adults and guests.

Strong Values

In scouting, we as Scouts, Scouters and Scouting Families strive to live up to the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. These represent the higher expectation that society places on those involved with scouting. It is our duty to strive to live up to these in our daily lives in and out of scouting. Remember, you are always representing yourself, your family, Boy Scouts of America in your words and deeds.

Strong Leadership

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is about making the choice to lead, to give more than you receive, and to make a difference. Servant Leadership demands empathy and inclusion of all.

Character Counts

Leadership is built upon a strong moral foundation of principals and requires accountability to self and others. In Scouting, we define these principals as through the Scout Oath and Law. Accountability

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

and to obey the Scout Law;

To help other people at all times;

To keep myself physically strong,

mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is:

Scout Motto

Be Prepared

Scout Slogan

Do a Good Turn Daily

Outdoor Code

As an American I will do my best to...

BE CLEAN IN MY OUTDOOR MANNERS, I will treat the outdoors as a heritage. I will take care of it for myself and others. I will keep my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways. 

BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE, I will prevent wildfire. I will build my fires only where they are appropriate. When I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold-out. I will leave a clean fire ring, or remove all evidence of my fire.

BE CONSIDERATE IN THE OUTDOORS, I will treat public and private property with respect. I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping. 

BE CONSERVATION-MINDED. I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, waters, forests, minerals, grasslands, wildlife, and energy. I will urge others to do the same.

301 Scouting Group Units

301 Scouting is a non-profit organization that provides a program for youth to develop character, learn skills, and experience the outdoors. Each unit is chartered by the Love of Christ Lutheran Church in Mesa, Arizona and is affiliated with the Grand Canyon Council of the Boy Scouts of America. 301 Scouting units include:

301 Scouting Group Organization

Executive Leadership

Chartered Organization Representative (COR)

The Charter Organization Representative (COR) is the head of the Charter Organization’s "Scouting Department".  The COR is appointed by, serves at the satisfaction of and reports to the Chief Executive of the Charter Organization. 

Group Committee Chair

The Group Committee Chair is selected by the Charter Organization Representative to organize the Troop Committee. Serves at the satisfaction of the COR and Troop Committee. Reports to: Charter Organization Representative. Duties: 


The Scoutmaster is selected and recruited by the Troop Committee and approved by the Charter Organization Representative. The Scoutmaster must be at least 21 years of age. Serves at the satisfaction of the Troop Committee and the Charter Organization Representative. Reports to: Troop Committee Chair. 



The Cubmaster is selected and recruited by the Troop Committee and approved by the Charter Organization Representative. The Cubmaster must be at least 21 years of age. Serves at the satisfaction of the Troop Committee and the Charter Organization Representative. Reports to: Group Committee Chair.

Group Committee

Role of the Group Committee:

Voting Members of the Group Committee fill the following positions. Those required by the BSA are indicated with an asterisk*

Scouter Corps

In addition to the Scoutmaster and Cubmaster roles, the following adult scouter roles provide additional support for units:

Assistant Scoutmaster

Assistant Scoutmaster / Patrol Advisor

In addition to the duties above, some Assistant Scoutmasters may be assigned to a particular patrol as a Patrol Advisor. Duties include:

Unit Scouter Reserve

Unit Scouter Reserve positions are for supportive adults (age 21+) who have no immediate, specific leadership role or direct contact with youth. However, like all registered BSA adult positions, these positions require a criminal background check and the completion of YPT prior to a registration being accepted.

Unit College Scouter Reserve

Unit College Scouter Reserve is a designation for young adults (age 18-21) that would like to stay active with the unit. These positions require YPT and background checks like any Unit Scouter Reserve. Unit College Scouter Reserves also are not permitted to drive scouts outside of siblings or other adults. 

Assistant Cubmaster

Den Leader

Becoming an adult volunteer

All adult (18+) volunteers must register with the BSA and a 301 Scouting Group unit. The 301 Scouting Group uses the BSA leader selection process. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has a multilayered adult leader selection process that includes criminal background checks administered by a nationally recognized third party and other screening efforts.

For the full BSA Adult Leader selection process, see: Adult Leader Selection Process