Life to Eagle Guide

Troop 301 Life to Eagle Guide

This guide supplement's the Grand Canyon Council Eagle Candidate process. These steps are based on experience with candidates going through the council process. Troop 301 is using a Google drive for Eagle candidates to allow Eagle guides and leaders review and sign off on documentation through this process.

Please contact the Scoutmaster or Eagle guide with any questions.

STEP 1: Life Board of Review

STEP 2: Troop 301 Eagle Candidate Onboarding

STEP 3: Decide on Eagle Project

STEP 4: Send requests for Letters of Recommendation

STEP 5: Finalize Eagle Project Plan

STEP 6: Do Project

STEP 7: Eagle Application

STEP 8: Submit documents to Portal

STEP 9: Request Board of Review

STEP 10: Eagle Board of Review

Grand Canyon Council

Life to Eagle process

The above process complements the council process but provides a few more advisory checkpoints along the way. Please use the council process for reference only.